20. - 30. June 2023
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A free day of chess, sport and culture

27 Jun 2023

Monday's free day was full of activities from the morning. The Prague Chess Festival team took to the green for a football match, challenging the Czech Inn Hotels team. Two matches were played and in both of them, the Czech Inn Hotels team won 2:1 and 6:0.

Mateusz Bartel trying to score a goal

Richard Stalmach was the only successful scorer for the festival team, while Jaroslav Svoboda, the managing director and the biggest supporter of the chess game in Prague, scored twice for the winning team.

Football match participants

After a busy morning, the main part of the program moved to the D21 Theatre. Peter Leko's simul against all the Futures tournament participants went in favor of the Grandmaster, who won 5:1, with Karel Brožka and Kamil Warchol drawing. Peter had 1 hour, his opponents 45 minutes. There was a 30-second bonus for each move.

Chess in Theatre D21

The evening program continued in the theatre with the play Czech Gambit. Six dozen spectators found their way to the performance, including special guests Irena Kaválková and son Steven and his family. The author of the play, Russell Owen Armitage, also attended. 

Czech Gambit
Written by Russell O. Armitage, based on the memoir by Lubomír Kaválek
Directed by Petr Chmela
Hasan Zahirovič, Stela Chmelová, Michal Kraus, Barbora Kostkanová, Lukáš Černoch

Many famous faces from the chess world found their way to the theatre

Russell Owen Armitage was born in Auckland, New Zealand. After completing his undergraduate studies, he made his first trip to Europe, where he subsequently lived for three years, during which time he also visited Czechoslovakia several times. During his many trips to Czechoslovakia (and later the Czech Republic) and the organization of cultural events connected with our country, he made many Czech friends. His fondness for the performing arts and his Czech connections also led to the creation of the play The Czech Gambit.