5. - 16. March 2019
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Who Will Go by Tram

04 Mar 2019

A few days ago, we have published the first diagram with mate in two moves:

The only correct solution is 1.Kg7 and black is in zugzwang. After 1...Ka1 and the most of the knight moves follows 2.Qb1# and if black plays 1...Nb5, respectively 1...Ne4, white replies 2.Qg8# or 2.Bg8# respectively.

The winners, who will play a blitz game with David Navara or Van Nguyen at the chess tram from Andel station to Zelivskeho station on Tuesday, are: Jaromir Buksa, Dan Krautschneider, Nikola Markovic, John Tadros and Zdenek Joukl.

Even in the coming days, interesting chess diagrams from Yochanan Afek will be published, so follow the tournament website, or the display board directly from the commentary center of the Festival in Don Giovanni Hotel.