7. - 17. June 2022
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Challengers - players

Niemann, H.

Title: GM
Age: 19
Rating: 2678
Junior champion fo USA 2021, the winner of the World Open Philadelphia 2021

Author: Lennart Ootes/Saint Louis Chess Club
Keymer, Vincent

Title: GM
Age: 18
Rating: 2675
Number one of the Germany, participant in the World Cup and FIDE Grand Prix 2022.

Author: Georgios Souleidis
Abdusattorov, N.

Title: GM
Age: 18
Rating: 2661
He won the Rapid Championship 2021 and became the youngest Rapid World Champion in history.

Author: Anna Shtourman and Mark Livshitz (FIDE)
Sasikiran, Krishnan

Title: GM
Age: 41
Rating: 2635
He won the Asian Blitz Chess Championship 2011. Member of the Indian team which took the bronze medal at the 2014 Chess Olympiad in Tromsø.

Author: Narciso de Alfonso
Warmerdam, Max

Title: GM
Age: 22
Rating: 2613
Current champion of Netherlands, second place in Kvika Reykjavik Open 2022

Author: Harry Gielen
Pechac, Jergus

Title: GM
Age: 21
Rating: 2598
3rd on the U-12 European Youth Chess Championship in Prague in 2012. He was awarded the title of Grandmaster in 2019, becoming Slovakia's youngest grandmaster.

Author: Vladimír Jagr
Michalik, Peter

Title: GM
Age: 32
Rating: 2577
5-time Champion of Slovakia in youth categories, 2017 European Blitz Chess Championship bronze medalist, champion of Czech Rep. in blitz 2021.

Author: Vladimír Jagr
Hracek, Zbynek

Title: GM
Age: 52
Rating: 2564
The Champion of Czech Republic in 1994. He played ten Chess Olympiad in the period 1994 to 2014.

Author: Vladimír Jagr
Stocek, Jiri

Title: GM
Age: 45
Rating: 2541
Jiří Štoček is a Czech chess grandmaster, 2011 Czech Chess Champion, and 2005 Rapid Chess Champion of Czech Republic. The winner of the Czech Open Pardubice 2019.

Author: Vladimír Jagr
Krzyzanowski, M.

Title: GM
Age: 28
Rating: 2535
Champion of Poland under 16 in 2010, the winner of the Open Prague International Chess Festival 2021

Author: Vladimír Jagr