7. - 17. June 2022
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Elizabeth Paehtz and Lawrence Trent as main commentators

01 Jun 2022

Prague International Chess Festival is starting on Wednesday, 8th June at 3.00 p.m. with the first rounds of closed tournaments of Masters, Challengers, and Futures. Spectators can watch the games on a giant LCD video wall right in the main playing hall, and the festival events along with the progress of the tournaments themselves are going to be streamed live.live-streamed online.  

The main commentators of the 4th year of the Prague International Chess Festival are going to be the German International Master Elisabeth Paehtz and the English International Master Lawrence Trent. Guests of the festival as well as the players participating in the closed tournaments will be joining the official livestream.

The online world shall stream the Prague festival via other chess channels too. The International Master and commentator Sagar Shah plans to livestream the tournament daily on his website Chessbase India, where he is naturally going to focus on the Indian stars such as Vidit, Harikrishna, and Sasikiran. 

The Czech fans can get their share too. Thanks to the collaboration with the Czech Republic Chess Federation, the organizers have been able to arrange for the event to be livestreamed in Czech as well. Those who are interested and in situ can visit the commentators’ lounge in the Don Giovanni Hotel Prague, and the fans who cannot make it there can of course watch the livestream from their homes.