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The Legendary Leko as Futures Ambassador

03 May 2023

In 2004, he narrowly missed the title of the world champion when he lost the last game, and for a while he had been the youngest GM in the world. Peter Leko from Hungary is currently the coach of Vincent Keymer and has become the ambassador of the Futures tournament held during the 5th year of the Prague International Chess Festival. 
In 1994, Peter Leko won the junior world championship and became the youngest GM of the world at the age of 14. In 2002, he won the Candidates Tournament and challenged the reigning champion, Vladimir Kramnik. The match was held in 2004 in Switzerland. It was only in the last game that Kramnik managed to tie at 7:7 and defend the title. 
The 43-year-old GM Leko is well known for being a strong positional player who avoids risks. He has extensive knowledge of openings and is considered to be the master of endings and defence. 
„We can see many of these strengths in the style of the ambitious Vincent Keymar, a young GM from Germany, who has been training with the Hungarian legend for several years now. Keymar won the Challengers tournament last year in Prague, and the victory has opened the gate to the prestigious Masters category for him,“ says Petr Boleslav, the tournament director.

Peter Léko is a coach of the youngest German grandmaster ever, Vincent Keymer, (International Chess Federation@FIDE_chess)

But Leko’s main role to fulfill this year is the ambassador of the Futures tournament for talents of the chess world up to 13 years of age. The winner of the tournament gains the right to attend the Open tournament in 2024. 
Leko has prepared a simultaneous exhibition and a lecture for the young players. The thematic tournament, open to all visitors to attend, shall be dedicated to the opening. To see the full list of the side events, please visit the website of the Festival. 
The best chess tournament in Czechia will take place from June 21 to 30 at the four-star Hotel Don Giovanni in Prague, with the opening ceremony scheduled for June 20, as well as the draw for all categories. Participation is free of charge for all visitors. 
"Thanks to our partners, Czech Inn Hotels, Komerční banka and Ernst & Young, we can invite the stars of the chess world to our tournament," says tournament director Petr Boleslav.