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DAVID NAVARA: I want to play good and interesting chess

02 May 2023

Long-time Czech chess number one, David Navara, will participate in the Prague Chess Festival for the fifth time. In our interview, he reveals his excitement for the domestic tournament, whether he feels pressure as a home player, and how the Prague Festival compares to other international tournaments.

How are you looking forward to the Prague International Chess Festival and what are your ambitions for it?
I'm looking forward to the tournament. I want to play good and, if possible, interesting chess.

In comparison to other international chess tournaments, what is the reputation of the Prague International Chess Festival among chess players?
The Prague International Chess Festival has an excellent atmosphere. (Which is the case at some other tournaments, but not all.) In the main closed tournament, it's interesting that usually about half of the players represent Novy Bor. We are colleagues and friends.

Is there any player you would like to play against on home ground?
Such people are plenty, I generally enjoy playing chess.

How does the home atmosphere affect you, do you feel more pressure compared to tournaments abroad?
I usually don't feel much pressure. Of course, it's a little different in Prague (and in the Czech Republic in general) because as a home player, I have more friends, acquaintances, and fans.

How do you feel about the interesting concept of the festival, where besides you, the participants of the Masters tournament, other players from various tournaments including young chess players are playing in the main hall?
This is a great idea. For young players, it's an opportunity to get a close look at grandmaster tournaments, and for the audience, this diversity is advantageous.