11 - 22 February 2020
2020 Edition

Under thirteen years of age but already successful on the international chess scene. This is the group of ten players who will play on the podium besides experienced grandmasters from Masters in a nutshell.

The hosting country will be represented by a trio of players led by Václav Finěk, who so far has the most impressive record out of all the three Czech players. He has been playing chess for almost four years and he already managed to become the national champion four times (in the category under 8 years of age, twice in the category under 10 and in the youth team championship). He is successful on the international chess scene as well. He came 9th in the World Youth Chess Championship under 8 two years ago, last year he won the silver medal in European Youth Chess Championship under 10 and won the European Union Chess Championship under 12.

It is one of the main goals of organizers to give precisely such young players a chance to play in the Futures tournament, where they will have a unique experience of feeling the beat of a big event, a chance to gain experience and words of advice from the world top grandmasters and in general get a positive motivation for further chess growth.

The playing field of Futures will be very colourful, with players from a total of 7 countries participating. For example the neighbouring Poland will be represented by Jan Klimkowski, Turkey is sending the bronze medalist from European School Chess Championship under 11 Ediz Gürel and Israel will be represented by the bronze medalist from European Youth Chess Championship under 12 Roy Vagman. The longest journey to participate in the annual Prague International Chess Festival is ahead of the Mongolian Amilal Munkhdalai.

Name FED Year of Birth Rating
1 Václav Finěk CZE 2010 2234
2 Jan Klimkowski POL 2007 2219
3 Ediz Gurel TUR 2008 2134
4 Nikola Kanov BUL 2007 2129
5 Roy Vagman ISR 2008 2089

Amilal Munkhdalai

MNG 2006 2070
7 Jáchym Němec CZE 2008 1988
8 Aydin Gulenay TUR 2006 1975
9 Karel Brožka CZE 2008 1964
10 Viktória Nadzamová SVK 2006 1952