11 - 22 February 2020
2020 Edition

It was a thriller final round at the Prague International Chess Festival. With the games Duda vs Vidit and Shankland vs Vitiugov finishing with the decisive results, and Firouzja surviving against Anton, there was a 5-way tie for the 1st place. Despite losing to Duda, the tournament leader Vidit Gijrathi had the best tie-break and he was to play against Firouzja. The Indian lost the play-off with 2-0, which did not come as a surprise since it was already very difficult to play after losing two final games. What could have been one of the best performances of his life, in the end, turned out to be a horror ending for Vidit, who could not keep up with the pressure. 

1GMVidit Santosh Gujrathi2721IND*10½1½½10½52,522,504
2GMAlireza Firouzja2726FID0*1½½½1½½½52,022,254
3GMJan-Krzysztof Duda2755POL10*½½½½½1½52,022,005
4GMDavid Anton Guijarro2697ESP½½½*½0½½1152,021,255
5GMSam Shankland2683USA0½½½*1½½½151,521,255
6GMNikita Vitiugov2731RUS½½½10*½½½½0,520,254
7GMHarikrishna Pentala2713IND½0½½½½*½1½0,519,755
8GMMarkus Ragger2670AUT0½½½½½½*½½40,518,005
9GMDavid Navara2717CZE1½00½½0½*140,517,254
10GMNils Grandelius2659SWE½½½00½½½0*30,014,004

After starting with 5 draws, Jorden Van Foreest (Netherlands) scored 3.5 out of the last four rounds and became the clear winner of the Challengers tournament. In the final round, he defeated Hannes Stefansson and with 6.5 points won the event, and more importantly, qualified for the next edition of PICF Masters tournament.

There was a tie for the second place between Nijat Abasov and Andrey Esipenko. Thanks to the tie-break, the top seed from Azerbaijan finished second and the 17-year-old Russia came third.


1GMJorden Van Foreest2667NED*½½½½11½½160,025,505
2GMNijat Abasov2670AZE½*110½½½1½1,023,755
3GMAndrey Esipenko2654RUS½0*1½½½11½0,022,505
4GMKacper Piorun2611POL½00*11½½1½52,020,754
5GMMateusz Bartel2639POL½1½0*½½½½150,521,504
6GMHannes Stefansson2529ISL0½½0½*½11150,518,754
7GMVan Dai Thai Nguyen2560CZE0½½½½½*1½½0,019,004
8IMLukáš Černoušek2442CZE½½0½½00*1½0,014,505
9IMTadeáš Kriebel2524CZE½000½0½0*11,010,255
10GMJan Krejčí2559CZE0½½½00½½0*0,012,004

This year besides the regular prizes, the organizers of the Prague Chess Festival included one special trophy. The Vugar Gashimov Prize for Fair Play was awarded in person by the brother of the late Azerbaijani Grandmaster, Mr. Sarkan Gashimov. The prize in the Challengers went to Mateusz Barte, while in Masters section the winner was Grandmaster David Navara.

Local hero Václav Finěk triumphed in the Futures tournament, the newest addition to the Prague Chess Festival. He defeated Roy Vagman from Israel, while, at the time tournament leader, Ediz Gurel from Turkey lost to Mongolian Chinguun. They both ties for the 1st place with 6 points, but Finek had better tie-breaks. The third place went to another Czech player Jáchym Němec with 5 points.

1FMVáclav Finěk2220CZE*½111½½10½60,527,255
2CMEdiz Gurel2125TUR½*½111½½0160,526,254
3Jáchym Němec2069CZE0½*½½01½1150,519,754
4Jan Klimkowski2229POL00½*0111½150,519,505
5CMRoy Vagman2141ISR00½1*110½½2,019,254
6CMNikola Kanov2129BUL½0100*½½110,517,755
7WCMGulenay Aydin1964TUR½½000½*1110,517,754
8WFMViktória Nadzamová1960SVK0½½01½0*1½40,016,505
9CMBayaraa Chinguun2049MGL110½½000*030,016,755
10Karel Brožka2045CZE½000½00½1*0,010,254

Indian IM Akash G became the winner of the PICF 2020 Open tournament and qualified for the Challengers event next year. Akash drew with Toms Kantans in the final round, and with 7.5 points shared the first place with Jergus Pechac and Johan-Sebastian Christiansen, ad thanks to the best tie-break criteria, he won the title and the chance to play in the Challengers 2021. Final Standings

On behalf of the Prague Chess Festival organizers, we would like to congratulate the winners and to thank all the players, as well as all the people who made this tournament possible. See you next year!