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Prague Festival as early as February 2024

01 Sep 2023

Organizers announced the planned date of the 6th Festival immediately after the conclusion of the June Prague International Chess Festival. After three summer years, the Festival will return to its traditional season, specifically between February and March, and place, i. e. Don Giovanni Hotel Prague. To be precise, the date is 26th February – 7th March 2024.

Preparations are well underway, exemplified by the portrait collection showcasing the five Masters tournament champions. Ladislav Vlna, the artist behind these portraits and the inventor of his unique metallurgical painting technique, has recently completed the portrait of the 5th Prague International Chess Festival winner, American GM Ray Robson.

from left:Nikita Vitiugov (2019), Alireza Firouzja (2020), Sam Shankland (2021), Pentala Harikrishna (2022), Ray Robson 2023

The Festival is going to adhere to its time-proven format. The main stage will host closed tournaments of Masters, Challengers, and Futures. Both the main and side halls are going to fill up with participants of the Open tournament and rating tournaments. Side morning tournaments were very well received, and therefore they are going to be scheduled again for the 6th year. “I am very happy to see the new events, such as morning tournaments or the award ceremony of the PICF Grand Prix have caught on. We received a lot of positive feedback directly from participants and it is a great motivation to continue introducing innovative elements,“ said Petr Boleslav, the tournament director.
Detailed schedule and regulations of the 6th Prague International Chess Festival are going to be published on the official website by the end of September. Registration for the Open tournament and rating tournaments will open at the same time and participants can sign up directly through an online form.

Petr Boleslav
director of the Prague International Chess Festival