11. - 22. February 2020
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Inna Puhajková to be the Patron of Children's Day

25 Jan 2020

One of the fresh side events accompanying this year's edition of Prague International Chess Festival will be the Children's day. The whole day is under the patronage of the ambassador of the Moravská Slavia Brno chess club, the model Inna Puhajková, who will lead the youth team in the simul against the World Chess Championship 2012 pretender Boris Gelfand as well.

From early morning hours on Monday 17. 2. the manager of the Children's day Venuše Souralová and her team will be prepared to meet students of Prague schools at 8 discipline sites positioned throughout the Don Giovanni hotel. The skill disciplines' main goal is to show children that chess is a fun and actually quite simple game. The more advanced youth chess players will be welcome to compete in the higher level of the competition where solving a chess study or chess history quiz will be needed to score competition points. The sites of the competition will by no means be chosen randomly - the point is to guide the visitors through all the venues where the chess festival will be taking place, including playing halls, studio for live broadcasts or the analysis room.

A small reward will be prepared for every participant and the best competitors will receive a miniature version of the tournament trophy from the patron of the event Inna Puhajková. "I believe that a visit to our festival can be a great impulse for playing chess for many children, be it for active competitive play or simply at home with their family," says the festival director Petr Boleslav.

The visitors will be mostly welcome to participate in the afternoon event in Aero Cinema too, where the simul by Grandmaster Boris Gelfand will take place at 15.00. One of grandmaster's opponents in the simul will be Inna Puhajková as well, who will be the captain of the team consisting of participants of the round-robin Futures tournament.