11. - 22. February 2020
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Chess set specially designed for Prague Chess Festival

14 Feb 2020

Legendary Grandmaster Lubomír Kaválek and the executive of CZECH INN HOTELS as well as the hotel Don Giovanni - Mr. Jaroslav Svoboda played a friendly game with the unique chess pieces. The author of the new design, Mrs. Ludmila Žilková, who designed the logo for the Prague Chess Festival a year ago, aimed for simplicity in the production. “The idea of making 3D chess set was born at the very beginning when I was working on the visual style of the Festival. We invented new graphic symbols for individual figures. To make them more contemporary and as close as possible to the simplicity of the chessboard.

The game of Grandmaster Lubomír Kaválek and Mr. Jaroslav Svoboda

Mr. Petr Boleslav, the Director of the Festival, was also impressed by the new look of the pieces. “I' have played with them and I enjoyed it very much. When the game starts, the Bishop can easily be mistaken for a Knight, which can be fun. However, we kept the height of the pieces, the highest is the King, then the Queen, the Bishop, the Knight, the Rook and the pawn. They can safely get to know each other accordingly."

The designed chess set

Visitors can see the newly designed chess set at the exhibition on the ground floor of the Don Giovanni Hotel. The author of the chess set was looking forward to linking the tradition with the future. "My inspiration was chess itself, I wanted to move this game a bit more to the present and connect it with the modern technologies like 3D printing."